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The Polar Museums Network (PMN)

Recently, the Polar Museums Network (PMN) was founded to strengthen and spread the knowledge of polar history, science and exploration. Membership of the PMN is open to all persons and institutions evidencing an abiding interest in the collection, preservation, research and interpretation of polar artefacts. In addition to polar related museums beyond the Arctic and Antarctic, the intriguing question arises are some historic sites and monuments in the Polar Regions also museums? Topics such as this will be a feature of the inaugural conference, planned for early 2016.   For further information:


Address: The Polar Museum, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge,
CB2 1ER, UK Telephone:

Phone: +44-1223-336540
Twitter: @PolarMusNet

ICOMOS International Polar Heritage Committee
Phone: +44 01223 336564

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