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York Factory was established in 1684 by the Hudson Bay Company (HBC) near the mouth of the Hayes River on Hudson Bay.  As the largest HBC post in North America it played a significant role in Canada’s fur trade history.  During the late 17th and 18th centuries it was the scene of the English / French struggle for control of the industry in the region.

It was an important trading post and a vibrant community for 2½ centuries.

Now this important polar heritage site is at risk.  Slumping, ice-scouring, permafrost changes and drainage are all interrelated problems that are combining to cause erosion that now threatens the buildings.

Read more about this in a downloadable brochure produced by Parks Canada.     (This is a 500kB file - please allow time for it download).

Further information can be found by following these links to the Parks Canada website.  (English)  (French)

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